Tri-Med Ambulance is the Puget Sound regions local provider for Medical Transportation.

Because of our dedication to providing timely service and quality care, Tri-Med has become the preferred provider of BLS and Critical Care Transport in the Puget Sound Region.

Here at Tri-Med, we work hand in hand with local fire departments, police departments, hospitals and dispatch centers to ensure fast responses with the appropriate services.

Tri-Med is also requested as a provider in other regions because of our reputation for quick and efficient response coupled with respectful service and compassionate care.

For interfacility transportation by BLS and Critical Care Ambulance, or by Cabulance, Tri-Med has teamed up with countless hospitals and other medical facilities inside and outside of King County in order to ensure the availability of exceptional medical care and transportation to all the residents of Western Washington.

Who We Serve, Ambulance Transport, Puget Sound, King County
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