Tri-Med Ambulance offers the most clinically sophisticated level of critical care transport (CCT). This type of medical transport is ideal for critically ill patients who require a more advanced level of medical attention and care. Our CCT is equivalent to a mobile ICU – we provide the same level of preparedness and medical attention that a patient would receive in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Our medical units which provide CCT are able to respond at any hour. The transport unit includes a Registered Nurse with over five years of ICU experience as well as an EMT  trained to provide CCT support. Our CCT units carry advanced life support and diagnostic equipment in addition to the supplies standard to BLS transport. We are also able to provide patients with specialized medical equipment including (but not limited to) 12-lead EKG monitors, defibrillators, multiple IV infusion pumps, mechanical respiratory ventilators, oxygen and medical air.

Tri-Med is dedicated to providing each CCT patient with the individualized and advanced care he or she requires. The medical community has consistently turned to Tri-Med to ensure superior service of its most critical patients.

Critical Care Transport, Puget Sound
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